Wells Fargo

Primary Role: Producer (Video & Digital)

Secondary Role: Photographer

Must Win Markets

Wells Fargo Must Win Markets was a two-part ask. Part One: Create a nationwide, recognizable ad campaign that helped bring awareness to the added features of the Wells Fargo Mobile App. Part Two: Create a targeted social media campaign tailored to 8 individual cities across the US, highlighting those features in the Wells Fargo mobile app and showing locals that Wells Fargo can meet them in their hometown, and with their banking needs.

In order to achieve this, our team split and worked on two productions at the same time! Team 1 focused on the nationwide campaign, while Team 2 led by myself a fellow co-producer worked on the market specific content. We planned our shoots in each city including San Francisco (9 total), and got to work hiring a traveling crew and local talent from each of the markets. We had to work quickly and efficiently as these were all to be produced in 3 months with a very tight budget.

Media Delivered

- 3 Nationwide commercials (:30s, :15s & :06s)
- 90 In-feed social media videos (:30s & :15s)
- 40 Instagram story videos (:15s & :06s)
- 75 Social static in-feed assets
- 60 Digital banners
- 50 Billboards across 8 markets