Levi's - Macys Influencer Kit

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

To promote their higher end collection Levi's Limited, our team came up with a fun and funky influencer marketing idea. We created an "Influencer Kit" that would would be sent to select people who normally rock Levi's jeans and encourage them to post in a cool, retro way that reflected their style and those that followed them.

We needed a package that could easily be sent to our influencers that showed them a little bit about the style of collection and how they could personalize it to work with their own image. While they received trucker jackets, and pants our team wanted something else that represented this collections 90s vibe. We landed on the idea of including a retro viewfinder complete with a photograph disk that displayed the campaign imagery.

The response was phenomenal and influencers loved posting about their new retro viewfinder and rocking their Levi's!